Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What insurance do I need for my condominium?

The association maintains a master policy which covers the structure of each building/unit.  The interior insurance, aka HO6 (drywall finish in), is the responsibility of the unit owner to purchase.  HO6 insurance covers damages to walls, floors, cabinets, appliances, furniture, personal property, etc. Our master flood insurance policy covers the structure and the first vertical four (4) feet of the interior.  Any other damage due to flooding would be the responsibility of the unit owner.  Our complex is in FEMA designated flood Zone X, designated as minimal risk, so flood insurance may not be required by your mortgage company but realize that we are only five feet above sea level. It is recommended that each unit owner contact their insurance agent to make sure the unit is covered appropriately.   By Florida law all HO6 policies must have loss assessment coverage of $2000 minimum.   That can help pay for assessments by the association from an actual event.  You might want to increase this value based on the master policy chosen by the board. 

Am I required to carry flood insurance?

The complex is located in Zone X which according to FEMA: Zone X is the area determined to be outside the 500‐year flood and protected by levee from 100‐ year flood. So it will be up to your mortgage company as to whether flood insurance is required.  The association maintains flood insurance on the common elements.

Are there any current assessments?

No.  The only fee at this time is the monthly maintenance fee.

Is there a property manager?

No, we are a self-managed association of volunteers with a five member board of directors comprised of unit owners.

Are there assigned parking spaces?

No.  Each unit is allowed to have two vehicles or one vehicle per licensed driver (occupant) .  Every unit has a private one car garage.  There are seventy-nine parking spaces for unit owners and guests.

Can I rent my unit?

Yes, but you are restricted to a minimum 30 day rental period and there are other restrictions you can find under Rules & Regulations.  All leases are subject to final review by the Board of Directors.

Are pets allowed?

Yes, but there are pet restrictions and rules about where you may walk your pet.  See Rules & Regulations.

Are there charges to use the common facilities?

No.  A $25 deposit is required to reserve the Clubhouse Recreation Room which is returned if the facility is cleaned and free of any damage.

What year was the complex built?